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Frilled Neck Lizard (large)

Frilled neck lizards are one of our favorite Barefoot toys! Its beautiful removable frill around its neck is fun and interactive. In real life the frill lays flat on the Australian lizard's back until it is attacked or threatened, then it puffs up its neck to appear larger and scare off predators. Its long paddle like feet enable it to skim the surface of water, likened to walking on water. For this reason, it is often called the "Jesus Lizard." The long legs enable you to carry it on your shoulder. This is an all time favorite, at our seasonal markets, because kids love to walk around the market with their new lizard friend draped over their shoulder. Unusual, cute, eye catching, and funky, indeed!

Appropriate for all ages. All Barefoot toys are individually hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, and no two are the same. Please expect to receive different colors and facial expressions than the ones pictured on our site. Colors and dimensions both vary. Please allow for these variations. Shapes and patterns on their backs will also vary, some are circles, others are rectangles, some are hand sewn and others hand embroidered. See our detailed photos. Learn more about the products and their makers at Barefoot Toys and Eco & Ethical.

Meet the small frilled neck lizard too.

16" long x 8" wide x 10" high


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