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Monkey, Girl (medium)

These Blue Monkeys are charming with their expressive hand embroidered faces, white yarn tufts on their heads and colorful clothing. They hold hands or tails with themselves or with each other. Several can string together and stretch out on a wall, in a doorway, above a sleeping area or hang a single monkey from a stroller. Individually or collectively they can hang from just about anywhere. String several together and create a monkey family. Our customers make some enchanting Blue Monkey mobiles. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Face/body details and blue body color are always about the same but clothing colors vary. Please allow for variations in clothing colors, dimensions and facial expressions. We fill orders from available colors and they are all adorable! Girl monkeys have removable bloomers underneath their skirts and all monkeys have a hole for their tail. All clothing on monkeys is removable for added playtime fun. 

100% hand woven cotton, eco-friendly and child safe Swiss dyes, and natural plant fiber stuffing. Learn more at Barefoot Toys and Eco & Ethical.

Appropriate for all ages but please take care that Velcro on hands and tail is not given to infants as it may scratch soft skin and little mouths.  

Photos may show several monkeys strung together but monkeys are sold separately. See our detailed photos for fun hanging ideas. Check out our monkey menagerie for small girl monkeys and boy monkeys too.

2" long x 4½" wide x 8" high


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