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Sharing our passion for hand made textiles, eco-friendly materials and Fair Trade principles

Welcome to Between the Threads! Our roots are steeped in fiber arts and our hearts intensely passionate about hand crafted textiles and a "slow threads" creative approach. With great delight we showcase the exquisite Barefoot toys and introduce you to their unique collection. There are many lovely details to share with you. Dig a little deeper and learn more at Eco & Ethical and Barefoot Toys. We recommend reading these sections before viewing the products as they contain much valuable information and answer many questions. In addition to Barefoot toys, we also offer Barefoot hand woven placemats. View individually hand made Fabric buttons and Wooden shawl sticks at Textile Accessories. The resiliency of human touch and creativity is palpable in all our items because there are no factories involved nor time constraints of mass production but instead low-tech, sustainable methods are imbued into each one. If you stroll and savor, rather than sprint, through our amazing selection, you may tap into that precious quality. We extend our warmest welcome and hope you enjoy our circle of textiles and related products!


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